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Our Journey

Our Journey

Our story is one of ethical & essential business creating a trusted 100% natural & organic range.  Beginning 20 years ago on the tropical island of Bali, from a need for burn recovery with all natural ingredients, Essentials Bali grew into a Worldwide success with department stores & has developed into a luxurious range for a dedicated clientele, appreciating every detail in production to simple stunning new combinations.
Each ingredient has been caringly selected for its naturally endowed therapeutic properties embued with healing qualities and to enhance your lifestyle.
bali botanicals
Bali, the Island of The Gods, is home to our specially selected bali botanicals products. Majestic Mount Agung produces our purifying volcanic clay while the organic rice is grown on the surrounding terraced slopes.  Our mineral-rich sea salt is gathered from the eastern shores and the super antioxidant coffee grows in and around the rainforest region. Fragrant cinnamon is widespread throughout the archipelago and our pure coconut charcoal hails from the coconut groves of Bali’s west coast.

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